Beyonce Mends Friendship with Kanye?

After the controversial rant in Sacramento where Kanye blurted out that he was hurt when MTV Personnel told him Beyonce’s “Formation” video was set to win the VMA over all candidates including his “Famous” video, one would think Beyonce would no longer want any association with Kanye. 

Why? Well considering this event where Kanye blatantly accused Beyonce of cheating her way to the top by “playing politics” and Beyonce never denouncing this accusation, and the event where he lashed out about Beyonce and Jay Z not attending his wedding with Kim Kardashian and not reaching out to check on his and his wife’s well-being after the the gun-point robbery; it became very clear there was a tumultuous relationship between them. 

So why after all of these events and a long period of little to no engagement did Beyonce decide to post a Happy Birthday message to Kanye on her website?… And conveniently after the announcement of Kim and Kanye’s divorce?? She didn’t wish Kanye a Happy Birthday on her site in the previous years while he was married to Kim. 

Some speculate it was out of support for Kanye (and possibly a sneak diss at Kim). While others find it odd after the ongoing tension on their friendship in the recent years (especially Kanye’s disdain public expression towards them) that Beyonce would even want to publicly display support to Kanye who has done nothing but the complete opposite in return..

So why did Beyonce wish Kanye a Happy Birthday??? 

What are your thoughts?

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