Console-Quality Games

We’ve seen console-quality games emerge as players with high-end devices ask for mobile developers to push their handsets to the limit. Expect those with premium smartphones to continue to be catered to. We have seen this clearly with the likes of Fortnite, from Epic Games, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile.

The iOS version of Fortnite released in April 2018 while the Android version rolled out in June, but that didn’t stop it from making an estimated $2 million per day. The launch of Season 5, meanwhile, saw it make more than $3 million in one day. This is largely thanks to the fact that its Pixar-style graphics and splashy cosmetics all look the same on mobile devices as they do on PC and consoles. 

The same goes for PUBG Mobile: although the game isn’t known for its visual fidelity, the experience you get on mobile devices is largely similar to that on PC, Xbox One, and more recently, PS4.

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