Amir El Amari (Arabic: اَمير; meaning “prince”) hails from Rabat, Morocco, where Bind is also located. Growing up and living there in poverty at times, he harbors a negative view towards Kingdom Corporation because of their ventures into his hometown, depleting it of resources. He once knew someone called Nora, though she along with other members of El Amari’s family met a tragic fate.

Recruited by the VALORANT Protocol as its fifth agent, “Cypher”, El Amari intentionally kept his face and identity hidden even from his teammates. In line with his work of gathering intelligence, Cypher gained several rivals. Eventually, his network of information would prove to be an invaluable asset for the Protocol and its objectives.[1]He has been involved in events surrounding the Protocol’s interest in the Everett-Linde Research Facility, particularly with replicating the Alpha-Omega teleporters, having attempted data recovery on-site before a new agent arrived with the necessary blueprints. Before they can initiate their plans of traversing into Mirror Earth, VALORANT then faced several threats to its secretive nature; the first were investigations being reopened in regards to the events that occurred at Venice in 10 AFL, with Cypher working to wipe out the surveillance shots of Phoenix and Mirror Jett that surfaced. Afterwards, an anonymous blackmailer soon made its presence known, threatening to expose the organization before the world. Cypher worked to track the new threat, but with little success as their message encryption proved to be untraceable. He then managed to get a lead on the blackmailer’s location being somewhere in Turkey, and shortly took part in the successful operation to capture the suspect.

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