Expand the Lifetime Value of Your Station Broadcast Operations

Station networks running a wider-area operation need tools that allow them to maximize the investment of their business model, removes production roadblocks and allows you to expand the lifecycle of invested hardware. The range of COTs based hardware has grown exponentially over the past 4 years and it is easy to be swept up in the ‘top tier’ view of buzz topics such as virtualisation, IP and remote production and overlook the everyday practicalities and how integrated audio, control and power solutions could easily be added within existing media workflows to solve the everyday issues faced by engineers and operators. Any system must allow you to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Share resource, accessed from anywhere
  • Reduce duplication
  • Get more use out of existing kit.

Lastly, any system must be easy to operate, and manage, where operators can be easily trained, the solutions are easy to set up and are independent of any specific manufacturer

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