Fire department rescued hundreds from cars and flooded roadways across New York City, official says

The Fire Department of New York rescued hundreds across New York city, including removing people from vehicles in flooded roadways and subway stations, a spokesperson told CNN.

”Last night FDNY members rescued hundreds across city and removed occupants from vehicles on flooded roadways and hundreds from subway stations,” FDNY spokesperson Frank Dwyer said,

Dwyer expanded on the circumstances surrounding the deceased victims, including three victims in Queens – two adults and a 2-year-old child – who were reported missing and had not been seen since the flooding began.

When authorities were called to the residence in Queens they de-watered the basement the victims were discovered, Dwyer said.

Dwyer tells CNN that at 11 p.m. ET, there was a partial collapse of a side wall due to flooding in Queens and 12 units and 60 firefighters responded.

One person was taken to a local area hospital and later died. A second was dead on scene, he said.

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