Hennessy shots, expletives and trolling: Marshawn Lynch stars on ‘Manningcast’ coverage of NFL game


Marshawn Lynch is a treasure and needs to be preserved at all costs.
The former NFL running back was one of the guests on the “Manningcast” coverage — hosted by NFL legends and brothers Peyton and Eli Manning — of Monday’s Seattle Seahawks vs. New Orleans Saints game.
And although the Saints claimed a vital victory in their hopes of making the playoffs, winning 13-10, it was Lynch who stole the show.

“Beast Mode” joined the broadcast and was asked by Eli if he had stuck to his pre-game tradition of having a shot of Hennessy before coming on.

“Because I’m not playing, I had three shots minimum today,” Lynch explained. “So I’m feeling real good. So I took one for me, I took one for big brah and I got one for little brah.”
After a commercial break, Eli said that he used the time to go and have himself his own shot of Hennessy. “One for big bro, and one for Beast Mode.”
Known for speaking his mind, during his time on the coverage, Lynch let out a number of expletives, including exclaiming “what the f**k” in surprise. He also said “sh*t” a number of times on air.

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