How Nike Became Successful and the Leader in the Sports Product Market

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This article will cover how Nike became the leading company in sports brand apparel. The article includes the strategies and marketing tactics Nike utilized to rise up to the top of their industry.  Please note that Profitworks does not necessarily endorse all of the business strategies Nike practices, but simply finds this an interesting company to study. Profitworks provides online marketing services that drive businesses to become the leader in their market. We challenge you to take one thing you learn from this article and implement it in your business and see if it does not make a significant impact on the success of your business. 

This article will cover:

1. Nike’s Strategy to Become the Leader in their Market

  • Why Is Nike So Successful? Their Excellent Marketing – Listen more about Nike Marketing here
  • Nike Has Established their Brand and Logo through Extensive Marketing Investment
  • Nike Focuses on Selling the “Emotional Benefits” of their Product
  • Nike Embraces New Technologies
  • Nike Provides a Wide Variety of Products To A Large Number Of Sports To Capture Greater Market Share
  • Nike Focuses on Product Quality and Creating Products that Help Athletes Perform Better
  • Nike Buys Out Competing Sport Product Brands
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2. Statistics on Nike’s Leadership
3. How Does Nike Respond to Competition?

  • Nike Thrives and Excels Because of Competition Existing
  • Nike Stays Ahead of their Competitors In Terms Of Technology & Marketing

4. How Does Nike Position their Brand?

  • Nike Utilizes Emotional Branding  
  • Nike Co-brands with Various Sports & Top Athletes

5. How Does Nike Maintain Leadership?

  • Nike Maximizes Marketing Money with Sports Endorsements
  • Nike Utilizes Social Media to Present their Digital Marketing

6. How Does Nike Respond to Failures and Setbacks?
7. Examples of Nike’s Marketing – To learn how you can use Nike’s Marketing strategy to grow your businesslisten to this podcast episode
8. Nike’s Values
9. Other Interesting Facts
10. References

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