Longboard vs Skateboard. Everything You Need To Know

Skateboarding and longboarding may seem similar to an untrained eye, but take a closer look and you’ll find they are actually quite different.
These two forms of sidewalk-surfing are starkly different. There are even debates going on as to which one is better and which one is more fun.

We at Hamboards couldn’t stay away from this ‘Longboard vs Skateboard’ debate and wanted to weigh in on the topic and try to settle the debate.

If you’re in impasse and unsure about which one to go for, you need to know the main differences and benefits of both. So, let’s dive in.

Origin of Skateboards and Longboards
The history of skateboarding started in the 50s as the side product of surfing. A group of surfers decided to make the most out of the flat days, and they created the first generation of skateboards by putting wheels on wooden planks.

Of course, the first skateboards were far from what they are today, but over the years, they were perfected into the shapes we know now.

Longboarding came later and it became popular in the recent decades.
It’s precisely their size that makes longboards more stable and provides rail-to-rail balance, which is why they are so awesome for beginners.

When it comes to the actual shape, skateboards can have many different designs, but the shape stays pretty much the same. Its deck is usually curved upwards on both ends, which helps skaters do the Ollie and the flip.

Longboards, on the other side, have long, narrow decks and come in many different shapes and sizes that provide a different surfing experience.

Hamboards collection has 7 different models all designed after famous surfboard models. The Fish, for example, aka ‘The Longboard Porsche’, is one of the best high-performance street-riders on the market precisely because it was shaped just like the actual fish surfboard.

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