MotoGP to use fully sustainable fuel from 2027

MotoGP has announced it will introduce part-sustainable fuels from 2024, with the aim of the world championship using fully sustainable solutions from the 2027 season.

MotoGP to use fully sustainable fuel from 2027Listen to this article

As part of a push towards a greener future for the world’s leading motorcycle racing series, MotoGP has announced it will work with the existing manufacturers on the grid to develop sustainable fuels this decade.

By 2024 the series is aiming to have all three classes of the world championship – including Moto2 and Moto3 – to use fuels of 40% non-fossil origin.

And by 2027, all three classes will use completely sustainable fuels from 100% non-fossil origin.

All six MotoGP manufacturers will work with their existing fuel partners on the project, while Moto2 and Moto3 will continue to be powered by a control supplier – which is currently Petronas.

The fuels will be used in “standard internal combustion engines”, suggesting MotoGP has no immediate plans to switch to hybrid engines.

The fuels are set to be created in a laboratory, our constructed using materials sources from carbon capture schemes, derived from municipal waste or non-food biomass.

“I’m really proud of this announcement, after many months and even years of negotiations with petrol companies and manufacturers, we’ve reached an agreement,” FIM president Jorge Viegas said.

“This will allow MotoGP to be the leader in this real revolution for sustainability.

“We want to really show the way to all the motorcycle manufacturers that it’s possible to have the fun we all like but with sustainable fuels.

“We hope by 2027 to have completely carbon free fuels in our competitions, leading the way and showing that, even if the racing is a small part of emissions, we must be the leaders of this change; show the way.

“Thank you to all the stakeholders for the negotiations, finally now we can announce the good news.”

Dorna Sports CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta added: “Motorcycles are a vital asset to society, making two-wheeled vehicles a crucial part of the solution.

“Sustainable fuels are key to creating an attainable and viable path to a more eco-friendly world, impacting billions of people, and with a number of different fuel manufacturers committed to this endeavour, global impact is guaranteed.

“Thanks to all parties involved in making this possible.”

MotoGP’s efforts follow in the footsteps of Formula 1, which announced earlier this year it would be switching to sustainable fuels from 2025 as it continues into the next era of engine regulations with hybrid internal combustion engines.

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