Philippines’ MJ Ordillano gears up for Mister International pageant

Handout photo.
Handout photo.

MANILA — Mister International Philippines MJ Ordillano is now gearing up for the upcoming international pageant in Manila this October 30.

“I try my best to focus on all aspects,” Ordillano said. “I have been brushing up on general knowledge and current events by reading written literature and listening to podcasts.”

Ordillano said being consistent in staying physically and mentally active is his key to being ready for the competition. 

“I work out daily, morning and night, while balancing events and duties I need to attend to, while eating prepped meals throughout the day,” he said. 
“I make sure I work out every part of my body, especially my weak parts so that I can give a better package for the international competition. Afterwards, I make sure to meditate or get a massage when possible so that my body is ready for the succeeding days,” he added.

Ordillano shared that before becoming health conscious in college, he used to eat a lot, going even to buffet dining and food competitions.

“At one point, I ate 120 chicken wings under 1 hour. I tried balancing that with working out, but sometimes I felt very sick.”

Ordillano hopes that Filipinos would appreciate male pageants better as this may help boost the morale of candidates.

“In the generation we are in right now, why not make male pageantry relevant internationally?” he said.
“I would like to say that I have been rejected and turned down for many things in life. But I have always done everything in my power to push through. I strive to be positive, kind, loving, and grateful for the things that I have in life. I can only hope that others also see the same.”

Ordillano graduated with a business management degree from Southville International, affiliated with Foreign Universities (DeMontfort University) based in Leicester, UK. During his university stint, he served as the student council president and won the best male speaker award for the (ALC) All Leader’s Conference in 2019.

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