Taiwanese nursing home apologizes for hiring stripper to entertain disabled veterans

A group of veterans in wheelchairs got more than mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival after a nursing home in Taiwan enlisted the services of a lingerie-clad stripper to celebrate the Chinese holiday.

The Taoyuan Veterans Home, a state-run facility for military vets, issued an apology for hiring the exotic dancer to perform for the seniors.

Viral footage filmed by an attendee shows one of the vets getting a handful of breasts as the stripper “twerks” over his wheelchair.

The stripper spent 15 minutes dancing for the retired army personnel, who are at the facility dealing with dementia and other disabilities, Malay Mail reported.

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In its apology, the home said the stripper became “overzealous” and just wanted the vets to feel her “enthusiasm and energy.”

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Taoyuan Veterans Home said it would be “more cautious” when it hires performers for the vets in the future, the New York Post reported.

While the home received criticism for the entertainment, commenters on social media were quick to defend the facility, saying the residents needed “to have some fun.”

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