World’s Strongest Man scores vicious knockout in MMA

Polish mixed martial arts fighter and former World’s Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski’s power was on full display when he viciously knocked out Michal Materla in the main event of KSW 70 earlier today at the Atlas Arena in Poland. 

All it took from the 45-year-old Pudzianowski, now 17-7 as a mixed martial arts fighter, was a single right uppercut to flatten his foe. Materla looked unconscious the moment the punch landed which prompted the referee to stop the contest at the 1:47 mark of round one.

Before his mixed martial arts sting, Pudzianowski made a name by winning multiple championships at Wold’s Strongest Man, Strongman Super Series, Europe’s Strongest Man, and Poland’s Strongest Man.

—JM Siasat/JMB, GMA News

This article World’s Strongest Man scores vicious knockout in MMA was originally published in GMA News Online.

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