Yoo Seung Ho responds ‘I know I gained weight’ to comments about his appearance after his new drama premiere

In the early morning hours of March 12, actor Yoo Seung Ho posted a brief update via his Instagram story, just after the premiere of his new tvN drama ‘Memorist‘.

Yoo Seung Ho wrote, “I purposely gained a lot of weight because of my role as a cop… TT. I know I gained weight on my face… TTT.” Shortly afterward, the post was deleted from his Instagram story. 

Back on March 11 after the premiere of tvN’s latest Wed-Thurs drama series ‘Memorist’, some netizens left comments regarding Yoo Seung Ho’s visual appearance, claiming that the star had gained weight. 

Meanwhile, Yoo Seung Ho plays the role of a police detective with a supernatural ability to read the memories of people he touches in ‘Memorist’. 

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