16-Anyos na Nakipagtanan kay Teacher, Bumalik na sa Kanyang Pamilya

Do you still remember the minor who ran away with a teacher? Last month, two distraught parents approached Raffy Tulfo for help in finding their son, Noel. According to Tatay Ambrosia and Nanay Erlinda, Noel ran away with his girlfriend, Angelika Uy, who works as a teacher.

At first, Angelika tricked Noel’s parents into believing that she is just 15 years old. Later on, they uncovered the truth: she is already 26 years old while their son, on the other hand, is just two years short of 18.

READ ALSOTeacher Runs Away With Grade 9 Student, Parents Asks Help From Raffy Tulfo

Finally, a few weeks after the episode aired, Noel finally resurfaced. After a few months, he was finally reunited with his family. To share this good news with Raffy, Noel together with his parents went to see the host in the studio.

During his interview with Raffy Tulfo, Noel revealed some of the unsaid details about his disappearance. According to him, problems at home forced him to run away and seek love elsewhere. Apparently, his parents favor their older son more.

In the end, Noel and his parents were able to come with an agreement. Tatay Ambrosia and Nanay Erlinda agreed to give their blessing to Noel and his girlfriend. In return, Angelika vowed to shoulder Noel’s educational expenses until he finishes college.

Today, Noel and Angelika are living together in Bulacan. According to Noel’s parents, the two have plans of moving into Pasay so that Noel can be closer to his family. On April, he will be graduating from the Alternative Learning System (ALS).

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