DPC Winter Tour Fantasy Treasure

Today’s update features the new Winter Lineage Fantasy Treasure, here to recognize strategic excellence in Fantasy play for the DPC 2021-2022 Winter Tour. Filled with a special selection of sets re-themed for the DPC season, players will receive one of these treasures for every 3 Fantasy Levels they’ve earned. To cap off the season, Regional Finals will take place in Western Europe, Southeast Asia, & South America on February 11-13, and in China, Eastern Europe, and North America on February 18-20, offering one last chance to earn Fantasy Levels. In addition, we’ve boosted the rewards for the upcoming period to a whopping 12 Fantasy Levels for the top 10% of performers, 9 Fantasy Levels for the top 25%, and 6 Fantasy Levels for the top 50%. Prove your Fantasy prowess, and scoop up a handful of treasures. The schedule for matches is now available on the Dota esports portal, and the deadline to lock in your lineups is fast approaching: Thursday, February 10th 4:00pm PST. Make sure to finalize your selections now.

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