Ain Dubai: How the world’s largest observation wheel was built

In a city full of superlatives, the latest addition to Dubai‘s long list of “biggests” and “tallests” is about to take its place in the record books.
Ain Dubai, the giant observation wheel that has been taking shape on the city’s Bluewaters Island development for more than six years, will open on October 21, 2021, thus becoming the world’s largest observation wheel. But it hasn’t simply beaten the competition; it’s obliterated it.
At more than 250 meters, Ain Dubai is 82 meters higher than the current world’s tallest ferris wheel in operation, the High Roller in Las Vegas. It is almost twice the size of the London Eye, which towers over the River Thames at 135 meters.

Not a city to do things by halves, Dubai’s latest accolade simply adds to its ever-growing list of feats of engineering taking up pages in the Guinness World Records. Dubai is also home to the world’s tallest tower (the Burj Khalifa), the highest restaurant in the world, the world’s highest infinity pool, the world’s largest fountain show, the world’s fastest roller coaster, the world’s largest indoor theme park and… you get the picture.
First announced in February 2013, Ain Dubai has taken more than eight years to complete. Construction began in May 2015, with an anticipated completion date of early to mid-2019. That date was later pushed to October 20, 2020, which was then pushed back another year when Expo 2020 was delayed by a year due to the pandemic.
While rumors circulated over the reasons for the delays, the team behind Ain Dubai say that with any building project on this scale, there are bound to be hold-ups.

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