Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets Head-to-Head in the NBA Regular Season – All-Time Game Log

Here you have the complete list of game played between the Celtics and the Nets with their all-time performance against each other in the NBA Regular Season. It includes total games, wins and losses, scores, overtimes, dates and evolution of their head to head record. If it exists, data about the variants of the two franchises through the years is also shown.

The Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets have played 207 games in the regular season with 134 victories for the Celtics and 73 for the Nets.

Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets All-time Head-to-Head Regular Season Game Log:

Head To Head in the Regular Season

Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn NetsSummary and Stats / Season Game Log / Playoffs Game LogThey played a total of
Regular Season Games
All-Time Record:

Boston Celtics134 Wins
Brooklyn Nets73 Wins

Game Log: Celtics vs. Nets in the NBA Regular Season

 2021-22 SeasonScoreStreakHead-to-Head
207.Mar 6, 2022Boston Celticsvs.Brooklyn NetsW126 – 120Celtics won 313473
206.Feb 24, 2022Boston Celtics@Brooklyn NetsW129 – 106Celtics won 213373
205.Feb 8, 2022Boston Celtics@Brooklyn NetsW126 – 91Celtics won 113273
204.Nov 24, 2021Boston Celticsvs.Brooklyn NetsL104 – 123Nets won 413173
 2020-21 SeasonScoreStreakHead-to-Head
203.Apr 23, 2021Boston Celtics@Brooklyn NetsL104 – 109Nets won 313172
202.Mar 11, 2021Boston Celtics@Brooklyn NetsL109 – 121Nets won 213171
201.Dec 25, 2020Boston Celticsvs.Brooklyn NetsL95 – 123Nets won 113170

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