Business Mentor: Online marketing tools and strategies to build your brand

Do you feel like your business is stagnating despite your marketing efforts? Are you looking for marketing strategies that will increase brand awareness? 

Successful businesses use different online marketing techniques that set them apart from competitors. Just relying on broadcast, print, or word of mouth might no longer be as effective. 

Online marketing has been a potent tool that has been adopted by many successful businesses. Although the usual marketing techniques can still help, these may not be enough to position your business on the mark. Know the importance of each of these techniques to help elevate your business to the next level.

1. Search Engine Optimization

If your business still doesn’t have a website, consider having one built for you now. As a business owner, you want to capture as large an audience as possible, including those in the virtual world. Consumers are wiser these days; they search for what they need. You want your business to appear on the first page. And a consumer would likely browse through the whole website to learn more about the company and check if what you offer matches what the consumer needs.

SEO means that a consumer interested in a specific product is likely to be directed to your website using a keyword about your business, service, or product. Consumers are likely to click those found on the first page of a search result.

2. Email Marketing

A business should consider building a relationship with consumers, and not on sales alone. How can you encourage someone to support your business if they don’t trust the brand or know why they should purchase what you offer. 

Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy because it allows you to interact with your audience. Sending out information about the latest offerings encourages your customers to check them out. You need to make your newsletter as enjoyable as possible, and tickle the minds of those who read them.

How do you get those email addresses? You can let your customers fill in a form and tell them that you will be sending out great deals through a monthly newsletter, such as freebies or massive discounts.

3. Content Marketing

If you do not have the talent to create great content, hire someone who can do this for you. You can focus on creating a blog site where you inform your customers about the importance of your products and services and other related information that can interest them. There are other means that you can have a better engagement with your customers, such as:
•    Live broadcasts 
•    Podcasts
•    Webinars
•    Video Tutorials/Explainers

Content marketing means creating valuable content that gets customers “hooked.” Have you noticed the series of online dramas created by some fast-food restaurants? 

4. Social Media Marketing

You can’t go wrong with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the now TikTok. These platforms are highly effective in building a better relationship with your customers. 

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