‘China Desks’ in Philippines eyed anew in PNP, Chinese police talks

Duterte wants to read COA audits for Red Cross, which is not a gov’t agencyEala chases third Slam title in New Yorka group of people sitting at a table in a restaurant: ‘China Desks’ in Philippines eyed anew in PNP, Chinese police talks© PNP PHOTO ‘China Desks’ in Philippines eyed anew in PNP, Chinese police talks

Top police officials of the Philippines and China revived talks of establishing “China desks” in offices of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to address concerns involving Chinese nationals in the country.

The topic was among the issues discussed on Thursday’s virtual bilateral meeting led by PNP chief Police General Guillermo Eleazar and Chinese police counterparts from the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) headed by Director General Wang Xiaohong, Vice Minister of the International Cooperation Department of MPS.

The PNP in a news release said the meeting aimed to “strengthen cooperation and collaboration on mutual law enforcement and transnational security concerns affecting both countries.”

On top of the agenda were discussions on mutual law enforcement and security concerns involving the crackdown on illegal POGO activities, telecom fraud, drug-related crime, and kidnapping .

“Also discussed were updates on the proposed establishment of China Desks in the PNP Offices that will address concerns on the protection of overseas Chinese nationals and organizations,” the PNP said.

The setting up of Chinese desks in the country was first raised in January last year to address the increasing number of crime incidents which involve Chinese nationals.

The police officials also agreed to work together for the 24th Winter Olympics in Beijing  on February 2022.

The bilateral conference also opened doors for “training cooperation and mutual assistance, including counter-terrorism, anti-drug operation, personal online training, and policing material aids.”

“The 90-minute conference adjourned on a high note with both delegations seeking further inter-agency cooperation under the framework of the Ministerial Meeting on Transnational Crime among INTERPOL, ASEAN and China (10+1); and Ministerial Meeting between among China, Japan, Korea,” the PNP said.

The PNP and MPS both maintain liaison offices in Beijing and Manila through designated official police attaches.—Joviland Rita/LDF, GMA News

This article ‘China Desks’ in Philippines eyed anew in PNP, Chinese police talks was originally published in GMA News Online.

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