Crypto Game MIR4 Enjoying Growth On Steam Despite Recent Ban

The crypto community has been worried about bans and strong regulations being slammed on the entire industry in recent months. These worries are not unfounded — many countries have made moves to outlaw cryptocurrencies or enforce bans that can effectively cripple them within their domains. Yet, the growth of crypto has not been stalled. It witnessed massive growth in 2021.

One of the crypto projects that has continued to thrive despite the ban on play-to-earn (P2E) games in South Korea is MIR4. The P2E game was designed and built by developers at one of the biggest game companies in Korea, Wemade Co. It launched in Korea in November 2020 and received widespread accolades, becoming a favorite within a year. This year, in August, MIR4 was launched internationally in 170 countries.

Unfortunately, the Korean government frowns at NFTs and P2E games, expressing concerns about game addiction to its teeming youth population. But that is not the only ban that these games face. On October 15, Steam, the biggest gaming platform globally, banned crypto P2E games and NFTs on its platform.

MIR4 Has a Utility Token

MIR4 players can purchase and earn DRACO, the utility token of the game. DRACO is given as a reward to players for completing certain tasks. Players can accumulate the tokens and exchange them for in-game NFTs that can be exchanged on an NFT marketplace owned by Wemade, WEMIX Wallet’s NFT market, or used in playing the game. DRACO can also be exchanged for Darksteel, another in-game resource in the game. According to the game’s owners, Wemade CoDRACO’s intrinsic value is based on the in-game resources.

The token champions the P2E concept of MIR4, allowing players to earn a share of the gaming industry’s massive revenue. DRACO can be traded on WEMIX DEX, a Decentralized exchange. Although DRACO and gaming NFTs are available to players in other countries, players who access the game through Korean servers do not have access to earn, trade, or store DRACO and NFTs.

Data From Steam Shows a Steady Growth in MIR4 Players

Just a week after MIR4 launched in August, the game recorded a growth in the number of global servers from 100 to 38. On September 1, Steam recorded a total of 22,208 concurrent MIR4 players on its platform.

Despite Steam’s ban on blockchain-based digital assets, the game recently hit total average players of 246,195.1 since August. In November, the game gained +69.64% in average monthly players from October. Since August, the number of daily players has never been less than 20,000. In the last 30days, the number hit an all-time high of 97,125.

MIR4 has enjoyed a steady growth on the gaming platform for months now, and it doesn’t look like it will lose momentum soon. Asia has one of the biggest gaming industries in the world, with an estimated 1.48 billion gamers in 2021. Europe comes second with 750 million gamers. Most of the MIR4 gamers come from Asia and Europe. The latter has recently experienced a spike in online gaming since P2E games gained prominence.

Global demand for online games, especially P2E games, has now soared. An increasing number of gamers are now open to earning rewards as they play. In November, Axie Infinity, another P2E game, recorded over 1 million players daily. The impact saw a massive surge in the game’s NFT trading volume to $1 billion.

According to the Mobile app analytic firm App Annie, metaverse gaming revenue will cross $3 billion in 2022. While this is a bullish prediction, the revenue may surpass that prediction next year. More investors and developers are rising to meet the growing demand for P2E games; we can expect that the number of games published will shoot through the roof in 2022.

Regulatory concerns might cast a dark shadow, but as MIR4 has shown, the industry can thrive under unhealthy regulations.

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