Dota 2 Rapper Ranks Amongst Top 10 Rappers of 2022

Dota 2 Rapper Shadowraze

Shadowraze, a Russian rapper and streamer, was recognized as one of the Top 10 rappers of 2022 by Genius, a website that claims to have the world’s largest collection of song lyrics and music knowledge. Shadowraze has gained popularity for his love of the video game Dota 2, releasing several music videos inspired by the game, including ‘astral step,’ which reached the top of the Spotify weekly chart in Russia for two consecutive weeks.

Shadowraze boasts 428.26K monthly listeners on Spotify with “astral step,” the song that incorporates multiple aspects of Dota 2’s Void Spirit such as his spells receiving over 36M plays on the website.

Shadowraze’s affiliation with Dota 2

The Russian rapper has had a long history with Dota 2 releasing multiple tracks related to the game including ‘adaptive strike’, ‘Chronosphere’, ‘psiblades’, ‘juggernaut’, and ‘shadowfiend’ garnering millions of streams.

Earlier this year, he was put in the spotlight for reaching the top of the Spotify weekly chart in the Russian region for two weeks in a row with ‘astral step.’ The song had more listens on Spotify in Russia than any other track in February, raking in 972,990 streams in the first week of the month and 969,568 in the week before. Originally released on 29th Oct 2021 on YouTube, the rap has crossed 2.5 million views at the time of writing.

Overall, Shadowraze’s combination of musical and gaming talent has helped him establish a dedicated fanbase and earn recognition as one of the top 10 rappers of 2022, according to Genius’ rankings.

The top 10 rappers of 2022, as ranked by Genius, are:

  1. Kendrick lamar ( 19.5 million views )
  2. Kanye west ( 17.5 million views )
  3. Juice wrld ( 14.9 million views )
  4. Drake ( 14.2 million views )
  5. Eminem ( 13.5 million views )
  6. YoungBoy Never Broke Again ( 7 million views )
  7. Oxxxymiron* ( 6.8 million views )
  8. Tyler, the creator ( 5.4 million views )
  9. Future ( 5.4 million views )
  10. shadowraze ( 5.2 million views )

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