Duterte to Gordon: Did you get P88 from PDAF?

Where is the money?

President Rodrigo Duterte directed this question to Sen. Richard Gordon on Monday night, insinuating that the lawmaker took P88 million from his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and diverted it to the Philippine Red Cross (PRC).

“Gusto ko malaman tumanggap ka ba ng P88 million sa PDAF mo? Pinarking mo ang PDAF mo so you co-mingle it with money of Red Cross (I want to know, did you receive P88 million for your PDAF? You parked your PDAF so you co-mingle it with money of Red Cross),” he said during his weekly “Talk to the People” public briefing.

Duterte told Gordon that he had no moral ascendancy to investigate others on corruption because he himself is corrupt.

“Sige ka habol ng mga taong kurap, eh, paano ka namin hahabulin ngayon? Eh, kurap ka rin (You go after those who are corrupt. How can we run after you? You are also corrupt),” he said.

The President railed at Gordon, chairman of the Blue Ribbon committee, for conducting a probe on the alleged overpriced purchase by the government of medical supplies.

The President however admitted that he is not sure if Gordon did benefit from his PDAF.

Last week, Duterte ordered Solicitor General Jose Calida to ask state auditors to review the financial records of the PRC to determine if Gordon reaped undue benefits for serving as concurrent chairman of the private humanitarian organization.

 Kristina Maralit

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