Everything You Need to Know About Milk Tea

Filipinos usually are fond of refreshing drinks such as the all-time favorite buko juice and samalamig. But just recently, a new product entered the picture. In a sweep, milk tea captured every Filipino’s taste buds from the North to the South. Where ever you go, you would see stalls and café offering milk teas of varying flavors. 
But what is it in that drink that makes us Filipinos spend our precious time in line to have one?

What is milk tea? 

It has been a decade since milk tea was introduced in the country. In 2008, the first milk tea store opened in San Juan City, and since then, Filipinos were drawn towards this tasty drink. People started loving it more than ever, especially Filipino teens and young adults.

This milk tea craze started in Taiwan. As regular tea drinkers, Taiwanese realized that they have respective teas for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but none for their snack. To fill in the gap, they developed a drink that we can be considered a snack and beverage simultaneously, the milk tea. Milk tea is a refreshing flavored iced tea with tapioca balls at the bottom. Milk is mixed with a tea base, fruits, and flavored syrups, and later, the tapioca balls are added. With its delicious and different take on a supposedly typical drink, milk tea became a real hit.

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