Expanding prescriptions for edible medicines for corona in island villages

South Jeolla Province announced on the 20th that it would expand the prescription of edible medicines for COVID-19 patients in island areas where there is no pharmacy.

This is because Jeollanam-do directly suggested at a meeting of the Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters that it was difficult to prescribe in a timely manner due to a delay in the supply of medicines to be eaten in the island area.

In Jeollanam-do, 18,381 Pax Lovid and 3,306 Lagevrio were allocated, and as of the 20th, 11,73 Pax Lovid and 1031 Lagevrio were prescribed.

As prescriptions for edible medicines expand in the future, public health doctors will be able to prescribe and dispense in a timely manner at public health offices in areas with exceptions to the division of medicine by using the pre-supplied amount from public health centers in island areas. An exception to the division of medicine is an area where pharmacists can dispense medicines without a doctor’s prescription, or a doctor can dispense them directly.

It is expected that treatment will be able to be prescribed immediately at the public health center without going through a pharmacy in the island area, which will help reduce the severity of the island patients.

Jeollanam-do also plans to expand the prescription of edible medicines that were prescribed only for inpatients at tertiary general hospitals, general hospitals, and hospital-level medical institutions to outpatients.

Gang Yeong-gu, director of the South Jeolla Provincial Health and Welfare Bureau, said, “In the case of islands, it was very inconvenient to supply edible medicines by ships.

Muan = Reporter Kim Young-gyun ykk222@kmib.co.kr

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