Feds Call on States to Stop Shielding Teachers Accused of Sex Misconduct With Students

The Education Department is calling for stricter laws on the state level to prevent school systems from shielding teachers who are accused of sexual misconduct with students.

A rear view photo of a mid adult woman as she teaches a classroom of diverse high school students.
Nearly 1 in 10 students are subjected to adult sexual misconduct by school personnel during the course of their academic careers, according to a 2014 report from the Government Accountability Office.(GETTY STOCK IMAGES)
States must enact more stringent laws, regulations and policies to ensure schools are not helping teachers and other school staff known or believed to have engaged in sexual misconduct with a student to obtain employment in other schools, a new report from the Education Department concludes.

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The process, known as “aiding and abetting” or “passing the trash,” has garnered increasing attention over the last few years in the wake of a handful of high-profile cases.
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“While nearly all educators act with extraordinary care and professionalism, many state-level policies and practices can and must be strengthened to ensure greater protections for our young people,” Deputy Assistant Secretary Ruth Ryder said in a statement. “Gaps in many of these policies and variability in policies between states remain significant challenges.”
The Education Department has been under increasing pressure to release the report, which was started during the Trump administration, by congressional lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who see this as a growing problem.
There is no national database for this type of incident. According to estimates by some advocacy groups, 95% of educator sexual misconduct cases are handled internally and not reported to law enforcement or reported by the media. A recent analysis of all local new stories by Fox News found that at least 135 teachers and teachers’ aides have been arrested on child sex-related crimes in 41 states between Jan. 1 and May 13.

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