Fly free! Philippine eagle ‘Sarangani’ returned to wild after 18-month recovery

Coconuts ManilaWed, 15 June 2022, 2:21 pm

A Philippine eagle named Sarangani is flying back home 18 months after it was found trapped in the wild.

Sarangani will re-join a Philippine Eagles sub-population in the Mt. Busa Key Biodiversity Area.

After a farmer found the injured eagle, Sarangani was turned over to the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) for rehabilitation. It underwent recovery for its wing injury at the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao City for a year and a half.

The PEF has reportedly partnered with ​Alsons Power Group’s Sarangani Energy Corporation and Siguil Hydro Power Corporation to ensure the protection of the animals in their habitat.

According to the PEF, they have released 12 eagles back into the wild this year.

Once found all over the Philippines, the International Union for Conservation of Nature currently classifies the Philippine eagle, or the Pithecophaga jefferyi, as critically endangered. There are only about 400 Philippine eagles in the wild and they only lay a single egg every two years.

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