Heart Evangelista admits having ‘one-night stand’ in past: ‘Naging kami eventually’

Heart Evangelista
Heart Evangelista (Image: Instagram/@iamhearte)
Heart Evangelista got candid about her past sex life, admitting that she had experienced having one-night stands and dating the people she had them with.
The actress talked about this with her staff during their trip to Balesin, as seen on her YouTube vlog last Monday, May 16. Evangelista and her staff went to Balesin for a vacation and they played “Never Have I Ever,” a game wherein someone says an activity and those who have experienced it take a drink.

When asked whether they had a one-night stand, Evangelista thought for a while before taking a sip of her drink.
“I guess that was considered a one-night stand,” Evangelista said.

A member of the actress’ team then asked her why she “considers” it a one-night stand.
“Naging kami eventually. Lahat ng naka-one-night stand ko, naging kami,” she explained. (We got together eventually. Everyone I had a one-night stand with, I ended up dating.)

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