Now let me tell you what’s wrong with this, because there is definitely a lot of this in my city, and frankly, it ruins it for a lot of people that I’ve asked about it. First things first, for all the posers out there, buying a stock EG/EK Civic hatchback just to sticker bomb one quarter panel and bolting on an INCREDIBLY REDUNDANT spoiler to the back of your car is NOT and never will be JDM AF or even JDM at all. No matter how loud your fart can is, your car is still the basic US Spec Honda Civic that it was before you disgraced it. Also, JDM culture is not a competition. It’s not a rivalry. It’s a philosophy, a lifestyle, and even a religion for some people. It’s not about who can mimic a lawn mower the best, or who has the most different colored panels on their car. It’s about the bond between a man or woman and their car that brings out the best of them both, and brings them into a flourishing community of others who feel the same passion. Being a ‘Car Guy” or “Car Girl” isn’t something you just wake up and do to be cool, it’s an experience that you can’t get enough of.

It doesn’t matter what car or what color, we all share the same passion.

There are rivalries and competitions inside of the JDM Culture, and they’re some of the biggest rivalries in the automotive world, like the big three of the Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra, and the Mazda RX-7. After production of the RX-7 stopped, it became the Skyline vs Supra power struggle we know and love today, but RX-7 used to be a big challenger. But these rivalries don’t define the culture. It doesn’t matter who’s the fastest or the best looking in the end, cause at the end of the day, we all want the same thing. We want to be surrounded by people who share a passion for the same things we do, and that’s exactly what you get in the JDM Culture. It’s a brotherhood that spreads across the entire face of the earth, whether you can barely afford to have your car tuned to the Japanese Specs, or you can afford to build a $100,000 show stopper, we’re all in the same family, and we all welcome you to join us in our never ending journey. Follow me for more posts about all things JDM and join my tribe to post your own JDM projects, ideas, and anythings else you have.

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