Kris Aquino not cleared by doctors to travel due to high blood pressure

kris aquino ig treatments
Kris Aquino was not able to take her scheduled flight abroad for treatments with her children, after her doctors advised her not to travel yet due to high blood pressure.
Aquino shared what happened and recalled the conversation she had with fellow celebrity and friend Angel Locsin the night before the flight, as per Aquino’s comment on Locsin’s Instagram page yesterday, May 3.

“Gel, ikaw kasi, last night sinabi mo na ‘sana hindi ka pa makatuloy, Ate…’ I said, ‘Gel please don’t be mean, you know kailangan na talaga’ then you said: ‘sorry Ate, selfish ako, di pa ko ready mag let go,’” Aquino said.
(Gel, this is because of you. Last night you told me, “I hope you will not be able to go for now, older sister.” I said, “Gel please don’t be mean, you know that I really need it,” then you said, “Sorry, older sister. I am selfish and I am not yet ready to let go.”)

“Grabe your gift of I don’t know if premonition or pang-awat, true enough nasa airport na si kuya Josh, Bimb and Rochelle. My doctors didn’t clear me to travel 140/92 waking [blood pressure], 136/93 pa rin until now… hindi ko kakayanin yung long haul flight,” she added.
(Your gift of — I do not know if premonition or power to stop me — is amazing. True enough, Josh, Bimb and Rochelle are already in the airport. My doctors did not clear me to travel 140/92 waking blood pressure [and it is] 136/93 until now.)

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