NBA Admits Warriors Were Robbed vs. Celtics

The NBA’s last two minute report is always frustrating for fans and players. While the league is taking some level of accountability by admitting when their officials were wrong, the outcome of the game does not change, and officials receive no penalty for their mistakes. Because of this, last two minute reports are even more frustrating for teams who were negatively impacted, because they are forced to live with an outcome that could have gone a different direction had the officiating been accurate.

This is a reality the Golden State Warriors are living right now, because according to the NBA’s last two minute report for their game against the Boston Celtics, five missed calls went against the Warriors in their loss to Boston. The last two minute report admitted six total missed calls, five of which hurt the Warriors. The only call that benefitted Golden State would have been negated had the appropriate call been made seconds prior. Even with Steph Curry struggling from the floor, Golden State could have easily won this game with accurate officiating.

The breakdown from the league admitted that Jayson Tatum should have been called for a three-second violation with 1:46 left to go in overtime, which would have resulted in a free throw for the Warriors. Shortly after this, Malcom Brogdon should have been called for a foul on Jordan Poole’s layup attempt that was blocked. Just seconds later, Al Horford should have been whistled for a three-second violation on offense, which would have given the Warriors possession back.

With just over a minute remaining in overtime, Klay Thompson fouled out on what the NBA now admits was a clean swipe down on the ball. Not only did this end Thompson’s night, but it gave Jaylen Brown two free throws. Finally, the NBA admits that Al Horford should have been called for a 24-second violation on his shot attempt with six seconds remaining in the game. This would have stopped the clock and given the Warriors more time to get a game-tying shot off. The only incorrect call that benefitted the Warriors in the last two minute report game on this same play, when Wiggins last touched the ball on Horford’s miss. Had the appropriate shot clock violation been called, that play would have been irrelevant.

In a game that was decided by one possession, the Golden State Warriors were absolutely robbed by the NBA in this Finals rematch with the Celtics.

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