Nielsen, The MRC And The VAB, How Will It End? We Asked Some Experts

With Nielsen having their accreditation to measure national and local television suspended by the Media Rating Council and a number of potential competitors looming, the audience measurement provider is perhaps, facing its biggest challenge since it began their television rating service in 1950. To find out how this may be resolved and what to look for, I asked several prominent network and advertising research executives along with other advertising/media thought leaders for their opinion. Here is what they had to say.

Jane Clarke, CEO & Managing Director, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)

Industry collaboration in creating new solutions for cross-media measurement is necessary because most companies are data owners now: marketers and media agencies, publishers and distributors. We’ve moved beyond a world in which one panel company owns the data collection and licensing of video viewing behavior. All the data owners need to work together to standardize, audit and accredit their data, so that the data can be used inter-operably to deduplicate reach for ad campaigns, as well as manage frequency of ad exposures and understand the impact of cross-media campaigns. This needs to be done in privacy-compliant ways with full industry transparency and objectivity. It is now a data science challenge, and not a panel challenge, although a calibration panel is still one of the building blocks (along with granular TV and digital impressions data and privacy-compliant solutions for identity resolution).  

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