‘No adverse finding’: Red Cross says donations ‘faithfully accounted for’

MANILA – The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) said Sunday it has “faithfully accounted for the use” of donations after President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to stop government’s transactions with the humanitarian organization if it refuses to undergo a state audit.

“To date, there has not been any adverse finding on any transaction whereby government funds were given to the Philippine Red Cross,” the organization said, adding its records of donations may be obtained directly from donor state agencies.

“The Philippine Red Cross has faithfully accounted for the use of such funds in compliance with the donor agencies’ liquidation and reportorial requirements. These government agencies, in turn, are subject to annual audit by the Commission on Audit,” it said in a statement.

Duterte had lashed out at the PRC after its chairman, Senator Richard Gordon, launched a legislative inquiry into the alleged mismanagement of pandemic response funds.

Duterte issued the threat even as the PRC had ran millions of COVID-19 tests since last year to address such need.

The PRC previously said it is audited by a private and international accounting firm, which has spotted no anomalies with the organization’s handling of funds from numerous donors.

COA chairman Michael Aguinaldo has said the body has no jurisdiction over the PRC as it is not a government agency. He said COA could only look into PhilHealth’s payments to the Red Cross for running COVID-19 tests.

In his latest speech, Duterte said COA would commit “dereliction of duty” if it did not look into the PRC.

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