Pacquiao receives support for presidential run from Promdi party

Senator Manny Pacquiao on Sunday received support for his 2022 presidential ambitions from a Cebu-based political party.

At an event in Cebu City, the Promdi Party also named Pacquiao its standard bearer, a week after the senator’s faction of PDP-Laban nominated him to be its presidential candidate.

“I was nominated by PDP Laban, tinanggap ko yun. I was nominated by Promdi, tinatanggap ko rin. Tumatakbo ako para maging Presidente ng Pilipinas, para sa bayan. Kailangan ko magkaroon ng alyansa sa mga partido na kapareho ko ang pananaw  para maisulong ang kapakanan ng bayan,” a statement from the party quoted Pacquiao as saying. 

Pacquiao declared his intention to run for president in Eleksyon 2022 after being nominated by several PDP-Laban regional representatives during the party’s national assembly on Sept. 19. 

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