PUBG: Battlegrounds Collaborates With McLaren To Bring New Vehicles In-game

Krafton has collaborated with the British vehicle manufacturer McLaren Automotive to bring the McLaren GT to PUBG just in time for the 19.2 update. In addition to the new car skins, the 19.2 update will also bring new content to the game, including a new weather system in Deston, a new vehicle, and more.

PC players will have access to the McLaren GT vehicle skins from September 7 to November 2, while console players will be able to obtain the skin from September 15 to November 10. To celebrate the collaboration, players can get the McLaren GT Standard-Onyx Black, which features a vehicle skin, costume, gear, emote, and more from in-game McLaren Loot Caches. They will then be able to equip the McLaren Skins to vehicles via the new vehicle interaction feature.

Players will be able to make the following vehicle skins workshop when McLaren tokens are used:

  • McLaren GT Standard – Silica White
  • “McLaren GT Elite – Volcano Yellow

They will also have the opportunity to craft their own McLaren vehicles. Here are some of the customizations players can do in the workshop:

  • Vehicle colors
  • Brake calipers
  • Wheels

Anyone who purchases any McLaren vehicle skins can open up special car containers that’ll have a driveable McLaren in the pre-game lobby. The McLaren containers and vehicles will be removed from the match as soon as the game starts.

The Not-So-Friendly Neighborhood Food Truck will be a new drivable vehicle for players in Deston. The new car can fit up to four people and has a large, vertical window on one side of the van. There’s also a new weather system coming to Deston, which will make both lighting and weather more realistic throughout the game.

The 19.2 updates will feature new animations to help the game run more smoothly. Lastly, players will be able to use the Heavy Stock, which provides less recoil but slows down the ADS time as part of the 19.2 update.

Grand touring will never be the same on a McLaren GT in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. The lightest and quickest accelerating grand tourer from the British automobile manufacturer McLaren Automotive will take you and your partner around the world in a fashionable manner.  

Born in Surrey, England, the GT features a 4-liter V8 turbocharged engine behind the passenger seat for ideal weight distribution. Talking about weight, weighing at just over 1,400 kg dry, the GT is a joy to drive. It is a supercar for an everyday driver.

The beauty of GT doesn’t end there. You can go to the Workshop to configure your one-and-only GT so that you can be the center of attention all day, every day. Choose from a variety of eleven stunning exterior colors, two sleek wheels, and five different colors of brake calipers on your GT’s state-of-the-art carbon ceramic brakes. 

So, McLaren GT is here in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Go and make your own GT now!


A new system enabling you to choose special vehicle skins for a fancier experience has arrived!

  • You are now required to press certain keys to equip vehicle skins.
  • Two new categories have been added to vehicle skins: Basic Skins and Special Skins.
    • These categories have been added to your Customize – Vehicle page.
    • You can select one Basic Skin and one Special Skin to choose from when you’re in-game.
  • Keys for equipping vehicle skins have been changed to the following:
    • Use vehicle without equipping skin (Basic interaction key)
      • PC: F
      • Xbox/Stadia: X
      • PlayStation®: 
    • Equip vehicle skin (Limited Interact)
      • PC: H
      • Xbox/Stadia: LB + X
      • PlayStation®: L1 + 
      • Players who’ve been using the above keybindings for vehicle use will have to change their keybinding settings again after this update.
      • Console players must head over to their custom controller presets to customize their keybinds for equipping vehicle skins.
      • You may modify the keybindings, but you are unable to remove them entirely.
  • Equipping vehicle skins
    • The list of Basic and Special skins you’ve selected at Customize will pop up for you to select.
    • If you’ve selected only one skin (either category) at Customize, the vehicle will equip its skin immediately.
  • Vehicle skin equip effect
    • A special effect has been added to vehicles when equipping skin.
    • The effect will be canceled if:
      • The vehicle moves (driving, collision, friction, etc.)
      • A player gets in the vehicle
      • The player moves too far from the vehicle after interaction
      • The vehicle receives damage (tire damage included)
      • When another player selects another skin
    • If the effect is canceled, the vehicle will maintain its original appearance.
      • If the vehicle received damage during the effect, the damage will remain on the vehicle.
  • With the Roadster Motorcycle no longer a world spawn vehicle, the El Solitario Desert Wolves skin has been categorized as a Special Skin.


McLaren is here at PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

  • Dress your Coupe RB with McLaren skins!
  • McLaren vehicle skins are purchasable as Special Skins. 
    • The Coupe RB’s original features will not be affected by the McLaren skins.

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