PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) 2022 Spring Pakistan Qualifiers: Winning team, top 5 players, and more

The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) 2022 Pakistan Qualifiers came to an end with the top 17 teams advancing to the League stage. The three-day event featured the top 20 invited teams from the country.

With 174 points and 78 kills, fan-favourite Team Qwerty emerged as table toppers. R3gicide and 3X Esports managed to hold on to second and third place with 138 and 130 points, respectively. R3gicide failed to claim a single chicken dinner but their consistent gameplay helped them secure second place. Two of the team members even made it to the top five fraggers list.

Free Style secured ninth place (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Free Style secured ninth place (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Securing two chicken dinners each, Metershotxsky Esports and Team TUF finished in fourth and fifth place with 123 and 110 points, respectively.

Popular Pakistani PUBG Mobile team ‘Free Style‘ came in ninth place with 93 points and 46 frags. The team has had a couple of average runs in recent tournaments.

Top 17 teams qualified for the PMPL League Stage (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Top 17 teams qualified for the PMPL League Stage (Image via PUBG Mobile)

IVY Esports, Team HR, and Team Envy failed to qualify for the League stage as they finished in the 18th, 19th, and 20th positions. Team HR managed to clinch a chicken dinner, but it was not enough to secure a spot in the League stage.

Qualified teams for PMPL 2022 Spring League Stage

1) Team Qwerty

2) R3gicide

3) 3X Esports

4) Metershotxsky Esports

5) Team TUF

6) 52Xrage Esports

7) Quantum Rage

8) Quraysh Esports

9) Free Style

10) Team Star

11) Xgeneration

12) North Esports

13) 4vxtfd

14) Magnus Esports

15) The Grounders

16) Team H2E

17) TMW Esports

Top five fraggers from PMPL Qualifiers

R3G Vaaz was the top fragger of the tournament with 27 frags, followed by Gravity with 26 kills. Securing 24 kills, Voltruz occupied third place on the list.

1) R3G Vaaz- 27 kills

2) Qwerty Gravity- 26 kills

3) R3G Voltrux- 24 kills

4) Qwerty Destroyer- 24 kills

5) Metershotxsky Nfpkhateer- 22 kills

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