Q&A: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar discusses social justice award, current stars and much more

The NBA’s all-time leading scorer addresses inspiring and complicated topics alike after the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Trophy is revealed.

LOS ANGELES – The glass ball rested on a pair of gigantic hands, representing the large reach that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has had both with basketball and the world at large.

Fitting on what that meant as Abdul-Jabbar stood by his trophy, which represented the NBA’s Social Justice Champion award named after the former Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers’ legend. Abdul-Jabbar has remained comfortable talking about both the game he mastered and social justice issues.

No surprise then that Abdul-Jabbar entertained various questions from NBA.com and a group gathering both about basketball and social justice issues. This all took place before Abdul-Jabbar presented the award prior to the Lakers-Nuggets game on Sunday.

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