US Commerce Department will take further action against Russia’s defense, aerospace and maritime sectors

The US Commerce Department will be adding 120 Russian and Belarusian entities to its “Entity List,” a US trade restriction list, in the “coming days,” according to White House communications director Kate Bedingfield. 

“In the coming days, the Commerce Department will also take further action to degrade Russia’s defense, aerospace and maritime sectors by adding 120 entities in Russia and Belarus to the Entity List, bringing the number of Russian and Belarusian parties added to the list to over 200 since the invasion began,” she told reporters on Thursday. 

Bedingfield noted that being added to the list means these companies or entities “can no longer get US cutting edge technology without a license, which will in most, if not all, of these cases be denied.”

She added: “The power of these restrictions will compound over time as Russia draws down any remaining stockpiles. For example, spare parts for certain planes and tanks. We will continue to impose unprecedented costs strengthen Ukraine’s hand and make Putin’s word choice, a strategic failure.”

Earlier on Thursday, the United States targeted members of the Russian technology sector in a crackdown on sanctions evasion. 

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