We’re Lucky These Hilarious Airport Pictures Were Captured

Lay Over@
Worldwide millions of people pass through an airport. Someone is always jetting off somewhere. Whether it’s to visit friends and family or a honeymoon or just your first trip to a specific place, the point is, someone is flying somewhere every second of the day. As a result, unexpected, hair-pulling and hilarious events might also occur while you’re in transit. That’s why we’ve compiled the funniest photos ever captured in an airport – get ready, some of these are just plain ridiculous.
Lay Over?
Everyone knows just how difficult it is to find a comfortable to place to nap when you’re at the airport. But this, well this is just unacceptable. Taking up an entire row is plain rude! Would I do the same if I was in her position? Err, maybe but only it wasn’t busy at the airport.

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