What Candy Pangilinan’s son said that’s gone viral

MANILA — Actress-comedienne Candy Pangilinan’s latest anecdote about her son, who lives with autism, has gone viral on Facebook, inspiring followers with the boy’s kindness and generosity.

“Bought him a new laptop kasi nga borrowing lang siya ng iPad kay Nini,” she wrote, referring to Quentin’s grandmother.

Pangilinan did not expect what her son said next.

“When he saw that I like his new laptop, sabi niya, ‘Mom, yours na lang my laptop. That’s your reward for being good. Exchange na lang tayo. I can have your old laptop.’”

She did not mention whether Quentin insisted on the exchange.

“Hay! Thank you Lord for a wonderful blessing. Sensitivity indeed warms the heart of the people around you. We need to be sensitive to the need of the people around us. Let’s start with our family members,” she said.

“Have a great week ahead. Spread kindness,” Pangilinan told her followers.

Over the years, Pangilinan has been open about her struggles and triumphs of raising Quentin as a single mom, often inspiring other parents especially those who also have children with special needs.

She has also been chronicling her life with Quentin through her YouTube channel.

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